Will Mini Tuck with Lipo Leave Excess Skin? (photo)

I've selected a surgeon who recommended a mini tuck, muscle tightening & lipo of all areas. I'm concerned after reading some of the posts here re: excess skin. I've been told I dont have enough excess skin for a full tuck with bikini scar. I'm wondering if what was recommended will be enough, thoughts?

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Mini tummy tuck

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It is a tough call if someone told you that you are not lax enough for a full tummy tuck. A mini-tummy tuck will not remove all the stretch marks or scar from your lower abdomen.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Excess skin after mini tummy tuck

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A mini tummy tuck is a safe and effective procedure that can create a more contoured abdomen, a tight waist and a beautiful figure.

After a mini tummy tuck, the patient should not have excess skin. When we performed the surgery, we use the incision to tighten the muscle if it is necessary, to perform liposuction, and remove damaged skin or stretch marks. If performed properly, no excess skin should be left. Have a frank discussion about your surgeon and let him know what is your greatest concern: excess skin or the length of the incision. We tell our patients that the length of the incision is determined by the amount of skin they would like us to remove. Most patients don't mind having incision that is slightly longer if it will create an overall better appearance of the abdomen.

Candidates for full tummy tuck

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Based on the photo and information you provided, you are an ideal candidate for a full (standard) tummy tuck. It would be in your best interest to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the best and safest possible option for you. A mini tummy tuck provides minimal improvement of the lower abdominal area below the belly button only. Whereas, a full (standard) tummy tuck involves repair of the rectus muscles and removal of the loose excess tissue of the abdomen area, providing a better look of the quality of the skin and a tightened toned improved look. Good luck and take care.

Tummy tuck candidate

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You look like you are an excellent candidate for a tummy tuck. You have "bulging" of the muscle because of separation and excess skin with up and down scar. I am offering a temporary cosmetic surgery price reduction and excellent financing. Watch my videos!

Edward J. Domanskis, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Full, mini, marriage, midi, fleur-de-lis, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

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Given the appearance of your abdominal muscles, It is my impression you could undergo a full abdominoplasty for a correction. However, there are many options including the "Fleur-de-Lis: abdominopasty.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Mini tummy tuck is usually not a good operation.

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From the picture presented, I would strongly recommend a full abdominoplasty in place of a "mini" tuck. The full procedure will rid you of the vertical scar, tighten the skin both above and below the umbilicus, and allow for complete repair of any looseness in the abdominal wall.  I would discuss this option again with your surgeon.

Mini tummy tuck and excess skin

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First thanks for the one photo, a side view would also help. remember over the internet we, the expert posters, are at a disadvantage. We can not touch or see you. My guess is maybe a great mini tummy tuck would help but a full might be better choice. You need additional in person opinions.

From MIAMI Dr. B

Full vs mini tummy tuck

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Why are you worried about getting a bikini scar with the vertical one you already have?  If you had a full tummy tuck, most of the vertical could be removed and all that would be left of it would be below the TT scar, so as long as garments and bathing suits covered the TT scar, they would cover the remainder of the vertical also.  Don't go for a mini, it would be a mistake IMO.

Lipo MAY leave loose Tummy Skin in your case

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From your picture you have a lower tummy fat deposit and damaged skin (stretch marks) which suggest that if the fat was vacuumed the remaining skin would not "shrink wrap" to the new framework. 

A FULL Tummy Tuck MAY be able to get rid of the ugly and visible vertical scar you now have in exchange for a longer but hidden transverse scar AND a totally flat tummy and narrow waist. Your choice.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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