Can a Mini TT Address a BB Ring Scar? (photo)

I hate the scar that was left behind after taking out my belly button ring 7 years ago. Is there anything that can be done about it in a mini TT? Also I have a little bit of fat to the left and right of my BB, will that be removed during the Lipo/ mini TT? Or is it just anything below the BB?

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Mini Tummy Tuck and Belly Button Scar

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Thank you for your question and photos.  A mini tummy tuck only addresses concerns below the belly button and therefore would not help with the BB scar.

Based on the pictures you provided, you are an ideal candidate for a full (standard) tummy tuck procedure not a mini tummy tuck. Make sure you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your best possible options. However, there is a big difference between a mini vs full tummy tuck.

The benefits of a full tummy tuck is it involves removal of excess loose and stretched skin and muscle repair of the rectus muscles stretched from pregnancy. Most of your stretch marks may be removed or can be brought down lower. A mini only involves repair from the belly button down. The incision is much smaller with a mini but it does not give you a longer lasting or better result. Very few women are good candidates for a mini tummy tuck.

Mini tummy tuck does not remove belly button piercing scars

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A mini tummy tuck only addresses loose skin and muscle below the belly button.  As your piercing scar is in the top part of your belly button, it will not be removed by this procedure.  It can be improved during the mini tummy tuck, but this would be a separate incision and leave a separate scar behind

Elizabeth Slass Lee, MD
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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Can a Mini TT Address a BB Ring Scar?

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Out of focus photo is of no help. But regardless a mini TT will not effect the belly button ring scar. Sorry. 

Belly button and mini tummy tuck

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I am sorry to tell you that a mini tummy tuck will not address the scar at your belly button.   The benefit of a mini tummy tuck is that there is no scar at the belly button and a shorter scar at the waist.   Unfortuatley , this also means that a mini tummy tuck has areas that are not as well addressed as a full tummy tuck.  Specifically from the belly button and up (towards your breasts) there will be no help from a mini tummy tuck.


Liposuction certainly can help with your fatty deposits, but I doubt a mini tummy tuck would.


The picture you sent is very blurry, so the scar is very difficult to appreciate.  It may be that it can be revised surgically to look better. Another option may be a full tummy tuck, but it is difficult to apreciate how much excess skin you actually have.

Gordon Lewis, MD
Midlothian Plastic Surgeon
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