Mini Lift After Thread Lift

I am having a mini lift in a few weeks. I had a threadlift with eight threads in my neck and four in my face. My Dr. says she will have to remove the threads in conjunction with the mini lift to prevent problems down the road. I am very concerned about damage in thread removal. Please advise.

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Facelift or mini facelift after the thread lift procedure

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I do not believe in effectiveness of the thread lift technology. I performed several facelift and mini facelift procedures on patients who had threads placed during prior procedures.

I agree with above authors that there is no absolute indication to remove the threads, unless they interfere with muscle or skin tightening, or create irregularity, or asymmetry of some form.

However, given an opportunity to remove the threads without extensive undermining or damage to the skin, I would prefer to take them out at the same time.

The reasoning for that is to eliminate any additional materials that might interfere with future natural aging process and create additional problems or unnatural appearance of the face later on.


Boris Volshteyn M.D., M.S.

East Brunswick Plastic Surgeon

Mini Lift After Thread Lift

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The threads don't have to be removed unless they are in the way or have caused problems, such as visible or palpable irregularities.

Thread Lifts Don't Work

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I am not a fan for thread lifts, and your experience demonstrates why: they do not work. They're a very temporary fix that usually leads patients to seek a mini lift or face lift once their faces begin sagging again. As for the necessity of removing the threads or the dangers inherent in doing so, this should be decided on a case-by-case basis. There is really no danger in leaving the threads in place, but if they can be removed easily or might interfere with the aesthetics of the mini lift, I take them out. I hope this helps.

Threads can be left in unless they will effect the Mini Lift outcome

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As you can see, it is quite common for patients who have had a thread lift in the past decide to get a mini lift or facelift later on down the line.

In most cases they are best left alone unless they are seen to be too superficial or will hinder the surgeons ability to execute the Mini Lift surgery.

Some patients just want the threads gone and as long as it is safe to do so it can be done.

Take care,

Dr. J


Kamran Jafri, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Mini Facelift Following Prior Threadlift

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I have done several of these cases over the years. In fact, I am about to do a facelift on a patient here in San Diego this next week who also had a thread lift done years ago. In my experience, you don't have to remove the threads unless they preclude adequate tightening of the SMAS layer under the skin and/or they complicate the redraping of your skin. Normally, we just try and work around this type of thing when performing a facelift procedure.

John M. Hilinski, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Mini Facelift and Thread removal

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I have done several minilifts on patients with threads and I have never removed the threads. I don't think they should be removed unless they are causing a problem or unless they are seen during the minifacelift. They should not be an issue down the line.

Mini-lift and after thread lift

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It is ok to have a mini lift after a thread lift. Yes, the threads may be in the way and yes they can get removed at the same time and shouldn't cause a problem.

Don't worry!

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Unfortunately, we all learned the hard way the the thread lift procedure just didn't last, and many patients have been treated with a subsequent face lift or mini lift. The threads don't really "have" to come out, but they are usually easily removed when found during surgery--we just pull on them and they come out. So, don't worry!

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