Lost molar, want the least invasive procedure, is a mini dental implant securing small denture possible?

i have just lost my first lower jaw molar, and i want the least invasive procedure, like a mini dental implant securing a small denture, is that possible??

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Mini dental implants

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Mini implants can be used to retain partial and complete dentures. The number and location of implants depend on the amount of available bone and design of the denture. 

Mini Dental Implant

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What Is It?An implant-supported bridge is similar to a regular dental bridge, but it is supported by implants and not by natural teeth. In most cases, when an implant-supported bridge is used, one implant is placed in the jawbone for each missing tooth. Then the crowns are connected to each other to form one piece.When Is This Used?An implant-supported bridge is used when more than one tooth is missing. It also may be used when your dentist is concerned that you might put too much pressure on individual implants that are not connected to each other. For example, clenching or grinding your teeth can put a lot of pressure on individual implants. This can increase the chances that they will loosen from the bone and fail. An implant-supported bridge reduces the pressure on the individual implants in the bone, and spreads it across the entire bridge.If the implants will be placed next to natural teeth, the natural teeth and surrounding gums must be in good health. If you don’t have enough bone to place and support the dental implants, the supporting bone can be built up using bone augmentation or grafting before the actual implant procedure begins.How Does It Work?In some cases, your dentist may not want to put an implant in a certain place in your mouth. There may not be enough jawbone to support an implant, or the location may be too close to a nerve or sinus cavity (located above your upper teeth). In that case, your dentist can avoid the area by placing implants on both sides of the space. An implant-supported bridge will be placed on top. An implant-supported bridge also can be made similar to a traditional bridge, with a crown suspended between two implant-supported crowns.

John Frattellone, DMD
Red Bank Dentist

Most likely better off with All-on-4

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Mini implants may help some with fit, but they do not offer the stability or security that an All-on-4 implant denture does. An implant supported denture gives patients the ability to have the least-invasive prosthesis available, and one that will stay in place at all times. It’s a favorite of denture patients!

Michael Tam, BDS
Australia Dentist

Mini implants

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Mini implants for this purpose haven't shown long term success. I have two implants myself and couldn't be happier. The process was simple and I have every reason to believe they will last a lifetime. Be sure you choose a surgeon with lots of experience.

Sue Wendling, DMD
Portland Dentist

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