7 months post op after pregnancy, Mini or Full Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I have had two previous pregnancy's the first as a teen with twins and a single birth 7 months ago. I want to get a tummy tuck done but I really want the scaring to be minimum. Which procedure would work best for me and is a mini tummy tuck a option?

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Mini-/Limited Tummy Tuck May Be an Option

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It is understandable that you want to limit scarring with an elective cosmetic procedure.

The ideal choice sometimes involves compromise.  Much depends on your goals and priorities about which you must be very explicit in your personal consultation with your plastic surgeon.

For example, a combination of liposuction and muscle repair might be accomplished through an incision just above the pubic area and might work well to help flatten the fullness of your lower abdomen.

You may wish to consider including liposuction of the posterior hips: this may help to improve your "hour-glass" shape, the drape of your clothing and even restore more distinct roundness to the buttock contour.

Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Lipo vs TT

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Without examining you, it is difficult to give an opinion; however, my initial thought would be liposuction/mini - tummy tuck.

Samer W. Cabbabe, MD, FACS
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Tummy tuck

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Based on your photo (not an examination) my suggestion is to have liposuction.  Though your muscles may not be tightened, it will avoid a large scar.  You can tighten your abdominal muscles by proper exercises.

Shahin Javaheri, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Miss Independence

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You could easily have a mini tummy tuck done with your shape and skin tone.  A mini does NOT exclude muscle tightening, which you probably need, and it might avoid a long scar and a scar around the belly button.  I recommend consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for an in depth discussion on your options.  Good luck!

Abdominoplasty vs miniabdominoplasty

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With only looking at your picture,  I will recommend you get a full abdominoplasty, the main difference between mini and full abdominoplasty is that in the later we cut around the belly button. In your picture it appears you have excess skin in that area and that your umbilicus is affected by this. This scar will be the more visible after the surgery, so you need to check the pictures from the surgeons you visit, because there are many ways to perform the insetting of the umbilicus in the new position. ( check my web site).

I believe you are a good candidate for this surgery, a better opinion can be given after examination.

Victor M. Perez, MD, FACS
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon
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I think you would either benefit from liposuction or a mini tummy tuck procedure.

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I think you would either benefit from liposuction or a mini tummy tuck procedure. From the picture, it doesn't look as if you have sufficient skin for full tummy tuck operation although it would be best to assess you in person you know it would be best for your surgeon to assess you in person to look at your muscles and skin excess. It does look as if you may have slight weakness of your lower tummy wall which may benefit from tightening up of the muscles.

Mini vs full Tummy Tuck

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After multiple pregnancies including twins, I would likely recommend a full abdominplasty with liposuction of the waist.  A tummy tuck (also called abdominoplasty) is a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure. A tummy tuck can be an effective tool for shaping and sculpting the body for better body appearance and improved self esteem.

Sometimes no amount of diet and exercise can create a flat tummy. Tummy tuck plastic surgery actually tightens abdominal muscles and removes excess fat and skin from the stomach area to create a tighter, slimmer, smoother belly. A tummy tuck can be combined with other procedures such as liposuction of your waists or flanks (i.e. love handles) to fine tune your result

Patients choose abdominoplasty cosmetic surgery for a number of reasons, including:

Excess abdominal skin following weight loss; Weight gain (beer belly or spare tire) from a sedentary lifestyle; Abdominal fat that is resistant to diet and exercise; Stretched stomach muscles from pregnancy; Desire for a thinner profile; Desire to look younger and fitter; Desire to fit into clothes better

I recommend you visit with an ASPS member plastic surgeon to further explore your options and to find out if you are a candidate for this procedure

Formal Abdominoplasty

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Although it is difficult to make an accurate diagnosis from a single photo there are findings here which sway my opinion towards a formal abdominoplasty. The skin above the belly button appears lax with  some redundancy. I am sure after twins and a second pregnancy the muscular foundation of the abdomen will require some repair as well.
The formal abdominoplasty will remove the excess skin and recreate a more pleasing appearance to the belly button and the area immediately above it. Incisions are placed within garment lines and generally heal very well. It would be a mistake to compromise contour for a shorter incision.

I hope this was helpful. Good luck

Robert W. Kessler, MD, FACS
Corona Del Mar Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck options

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Following pregnancies, particularly twins, there is significant stretch of the abdominal wall tissues.  Most of the time this requires plicating the whole abdomen at the time of a tummy tuck.  If you have good muscle tone you may be able to hide the stretched tissue but eventually it will show itself.  When you are standing, let your abdomen muscle completely relax and see what happens.  If your get a bulge shape then you need a full tummy tuck. 

A mini tuck is designed to help the thin woman with loose skin in the lower abdomen.  The scar is not that much shorter than the full tummy tuck.  For the thin, muscular woman a mini tuck works well, however if you are on the more average side of appearance then a full tummy tuck will give you better results.

Make sure you are finished with pregnancies and have your weight as close to normal as possible and you well get a nice result.

Best Wishes

Dr. Peterson

Marcus L. Peterson, MD
Saint George Plastic Surgeon

Improving a post-pregnancy abdomen

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It used to be that a tummy tuck was the only option for a woman with a bulging tummy. Then liposuction came along, and we could do a smaller procedure with virtually no scarring. However, people who have especially slack skin in their midsection need more than what liposuction can offer and it is difficult to say which option would suit you best without an evaluation. Typical candidates for a full tummy tuck are women with drooping abdomens after pregnancy, women and men who've lost a great deal of weight, menopausal women, or older people with loose skin due to age. In the tummy tuck, the skin from the rib cage down to the pelvic area is tightened, and the navel is moved up and secured in a new position. A mini-tummy tuck is especially effective for people who look pretty good from the navel up. The main difference between the 2 procedures is that the mini-tummy tuck doesn't require moving or reconstructing the navel and the incision is shorter than the one made in a full tummy tuck.

Michelle Copeland, MD, DMD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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