Not Sure Mini or Full Tt

I saw 2 docs and both said I could be candidate for mini or full tt, but would have more skin if did mini, but new bb if I do full. Don't really want new bb, but if do underneath and have to fix muscles all the way up doc said they cut umbilicus underneath - only way to gain access. I don't like this idea so is there another way? Endoscopy??

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Mini vs. Full Abdominoplasty

A mini abdominoplasty involves removal of the excess skin below the belly button, whereas a full tummy tuck involves tightening the skin in the upper abdomen as well. Physical examination is key in determining which would be best indicated for you. All procedures have benefits and risks that must be considered before proceeding with surgery.

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Mini or Full Tummy tuck?

This is a good question.  Physical examination will be KEY to this answer.  A good history is equally important.   Previous pregnancies?  Age?  Further pregnancies?   Amount of weight loss?   Amount of weight gain?  Often a minitummy tuck is performed to help improvement of the abdomen below the belly button.  Minimal muscle work is performed because if the lower muscles are tightened, there is a muscular bulge above the belly button.   In my hands a minitummy tuck is performed for patients with excess skin often with stretch marks below the belly button.  The recuperation is much shorter than for patients who have the full abdominoplasty operation.  

Jonathan Berman, MD
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Types of tummy tucks

There are so many variables to consider when trying to decide what will make you happy.  Your presentation also influences what can be done.  You should talk more in depth with the surgeon you are going to go with and clearly define how much skin you can remove, how much muscle tightening can be done (extended mini-tucks can take the muscle suturing up to your ribs like a full tummy tuck), how thick your fatty layer is and will it benefit from liposuction, umbilical float or transposition ("new belly button"), scarring (vertical scar too?) and level of scarring (some end up much higher than you would think).  You should know the plan and anticipated results.  Good luck on achieving yours! 

Curtis Wong, MD
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Get another opinion

I like to do full tummy tucks if you have had children. It gives a much better result. Mini tummy Tucks give mini results.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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Full or Mini Tummy Tuck- How To Tell Which One is Best for You

Dear dcnotsure-

In general, most people need a full tummy tuck.  A mini TT is possible if you only have loose skin around the middle of your tummy.  Since most patients have loose skin all over their tummy, like over the sides of the pelvis, most patients will need a full TT. 


Of course, the best thing to do would be a consultation with your local plastic surgeon.  He or she will probably examine you while standing up and while leaning over, to see exactly how much loose skin you have.  This helps determine the best procedure for you.


Best Wishes,

Roy Kim, MD

Roy Kim, MD
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Full tummy tuck often more effective than a mini

There are relatively few patients that need only a mini tummy tuck.  If you have excess skin in your abdominal area, the chances are the you would benefit more from a tummy tuck than a mini tummy tuck.  I suggest that you seek a board certified plastic surgeon in your area and trust his opinion.  Of course, you can get more than one opinion to see which one you would be most comfortable with.

James Tang, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck Options

I encourage photos especially with these types of questions.  Very hard to give advise unless we can see photos.  Very few patients are good candidates for mini tucks because of the limitations of the surgery.  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the operations with your surgeon.  See what works best for you and have confidence in your doctor.

Albert Dabbah, MD
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