Do Mini Facelifts Cost Less?

I realize that many of the doctors here hold the heavily advertised mini facelifts in low regard, and I'm not referring to them specifically. I am thinking about a patient that is just starting to age who nevertheless wants more lifting and tucking than injectables can provide.

Are facelifts something that is so involved that even if there is less to do on a patient that is just starting to show age than a more advanced case, the price remains the same?

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Mini FaceLifts cost between $6000-11000 under local anesthesia.

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Mini Facelifts are very popular and make a significant difference if done thoroughly and run between $6000-11000 under local anesthesia with less downtime and risks than a full facelift.  Sincerely,
David Hansen,MD

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Mini-Facelift vs Full Facelift

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Not all "mini-facelifts" are created equally. In general, a mini-facelift is designed to lift the cheeks and correct jowl deformities at the jawline. A well done mini-facelift will also include a SMAS lift to tighten the cheek muscles. A mini-facelift will not include surgical alteration of the neck tissues beneath the chin, and will not require incisions in this area. In addition, the mini-facelift incisions behind the ear are much shorter, and less surgical work is involved than with a full facelift (which includes a neck-lift). Therefore, surgeon's fees for mini-facelifts are lower than for full facelifts.

Also, less time is spent in the operating room and therefore less anesthesia time is required, so those fees are reduced as well. Be VERY careful, however, to avoid the gimmicky facelift short-cut procedures which are marketed as "lifestyle lift", "thread lift", etc, etc. These rely on suspension of the tissues with artificial materials rather than true repositioning done in a facelift or mini-facelift. Not only are the results of these procedures short lived (think one, maybe two years), but the artificial materials placed in the facial tissues can lead to serious problems down the road.

Pamela B. Rosen, MD
Coral Springs Plastic Surgeon

Cost of a Mini-Facelift

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Thank you for your question.

The fee for a Mini-Facelift is between $6000-$8500 depending on the addition of fat augmentation, and the specific techniques required to achieve the desired aesthetic goal.The Mini-Lift may be performed in the office under local anesthesia which reduces the cost. There is less downtime than the traditional or standard facelift, so patients may return to work more quickly.

Mini-Facelift incisions are shorter, and there is less tightening of the underlying tissues. Typically, this type of lift will improve sagging jowls and when combined with fat augmentation of the cheek and area below the eye gives a fabulous result in the correct patient.

Happy New Year! Good luck!

Rondi Kathleen Walker, MD
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

Mini Facelifts Cost Less Than Full Facelifts, However Lesser Procedures Are Associated With Lesser Results

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The cost for any type of facelift will vary from doctor to doctor and geographic location to geographic location.  Additionally, there are many different techniques utilized in the performance of a facelift.  One would expect that a less invasive procedure, which requires less time in the operating room, to cost less than a more invasive procedure which takes longer to perform.  It is important to remember that lesser procedures are normally associated with lesser results.  It is very important that you consult a well-trained experienced, Board-certified plastic surgeon if you are considering this type of surgery.  It is very important that your surgeon fully understands your personal goals and helps you decide which procedure is best for you.

Mini Face Lift - Often Great Results for Less Cost in a Plastic Surgeon's Hands

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Mini Face Lift procedures often lead to  Great Results for Less Cost in a Plastic Surgeon's Hands. Because there is less surgery time the Surgeon's cost, OR costs are less not to mention the recovery time. Please beware, not all mini-facelifts are the same and most important is finding the best plastic surgeon with the most experience. Skill, Training, and Experience are critical.

Mini Lifts should always cost less than a Face lift

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It is nice to get a soft ball question like this one once in a while. I agree that technicaaly the mini may be the more challenging operation to perfom flawlwssly, but we charge usually based on the time of the procedure. Clearly adding the neck dissection and additional incisions will add time to the case.  Adding time to the case, will add money to the bottom line.


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Mini lifts definitely cost much less. My general rule is the mini is about half of the full lift but gives 90 percent of the result. Good luck, Nasim Huq

Mini facelifts often cost less but you also get less in return

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Each surgeon has different definitions of what a mini-facelift is for them. Usually it is a shorter skin flap and simpler treatment of the muscle beneath called the SMAS. With more advanced techniques such as the deep-plane facelift, the mini-lift of today was the maxi-lift of 2 decades ago.

For me a mini-lift means shorter operating time so there is a savings for both surgeon fees and OR time. However, some people need more than just a mini-lift for long lasting results when there is less elasticity to the skin.

What works very well for patients with early changes is a LaserFacelift using the SmartLipo laser. We are getting nice results in tightening younger faces without any surgery.

Steven J. Pearlman, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Mini lifts are a good option for early laxity

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I do believe there is a role for a mini lift in patients who have some laxity but not enough to warrant a full facelift. Part of the difference in opinion that you will encounter is that surgeons have different definitions for a mini lift vs a facelift. I use a deep plane technique for both, however, the facelift has longer incisions and addresses the upper face and lower neck more than the mini lift. If the jawline and upper neckline are the only problem areas, than a mini lift (as I define it) works great (and costs less!). I hope that helped and good luck...

Price should not be the main consideration when considering a facelift

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While mini facelifts generally do cost less than full facelifts, price should never be the determining factor in choosing a surgical facelift procedure. A mini lift, as performed at my practice, is a good option for patients who are just beginning to see signs of skin laxity and jowls; however, it will not be a good option for someone with heavy jowls and significant laxity. Please see a board-certified facial plastic surgeon for a consultation, where you can discuss your specific concerns and goals. This will help determine if a mini lift is appropriate for you. I hope this helps.

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