Mini Face Lift at Age 53?

I am 53 and am very unhappy with my neck. I have some jowls but other than that I am happy with myself so far. I do not feel I am ready for a full facelift nor do I have the time for a month of recovery right now. Would a mini facelift help my neck? Thank-you

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Mini-facelift for Sagging Neck and Jowls in 45-54 Age Group

Without having your frontal and profile photos, it is impossible to determine what type of facelift you are a candidate for. A mini-facelift" covers a broad range of lifting procedures and can include anything less than a facelift. Generally speaking, patients who are candidates for mini-facelifts are younger in the range of 35 to 55 and have mild to moderate sagging in the cheeks, neck and jowl area overall. Mini-facelifts are shorter procedures with smaller incisions and less recovery and downtime. Mini-facelifts should ideally be performed on patients who are good candidates, otherwise the results many not last very long.

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MIni Facelift

Without seeing photographs, I cannot determine if you will benefit from a Mini Facelift.  This is also called a Short Scar Facelift. The technique varies from surgeon to surgeon. Many patients are happy with the results, but will need additional surgery a few years later to maintain the look. This procedure is less expensive than a facelift, and the recovery time is less.  Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for an evaluation.

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The difference between a "mini-facelift" and a standard one varies from doctor to doctor

Some use it for a short-flap, yet full facelift. That means a shorter incision. For some it's only lifting the skin a short distance and then using sutures to hold the SMAS muscle up. Basically, unless you have great skin and are under 50, more "aggressive" facelifts such as a deep plane or sub-SMAS facelift has been proven to last longer.

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"Minilift" is a very vague term

A "Minilift" is a very vague term.  Since there are many variations of procedures designated as "Minilifts", the best thing to do is discuss what areas you are trying to improve with your surgeon.  Some "Minilifts" address the jowl area while others address the jowl and neck area.  It is important that the lift addresses more than just the skin, as skin tends to stretch back quickly.  The underlying muscle and fatty layers of the face should be supported in order to give the lift some longevity.  Recovery can range from as little as 5-6 days up to 2 weeks (See "the Uplift" video link below for more information).
A more comprehensive approach is the endoscopic midface lift, which is performed through small access incisions, and addresses the cheek, jowl, and upper neck areas.  This type of lift is performed on multiple layers of the face, leading to long lasting rejuvenation. 
An individual consultation with a board certified facial plastic surgeon who devotes their practice exclusively to cosmetic surgery of the face and neck would be the best advice.

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There are a few great options for improving jowls and necks.

Mini lifts ($6000) can do great for jowls and necks; Platysmaplasty (neck surgery under the chin $4500) gets rid of turkey gobbler necks: liposuction of the jawline and neck ($2500 on sp) does great for most patients without extensive surgery needed.  These can be combined as well and all can be done under tumescent local anesthesia. Sincerely,

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Mini lift for neck?

  I agree that the term mini lift may refer to a host of related procedures. But certainly, a mini lift can be designed to treat your sagging neck.  If you choose your doctor wisely, you may be ecstatic with the results that can be achieved with a mini neck lift procedure.

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Mini Face Lift at Age 53?

I agree with Drs. Mayer and Kabaker. A minilift is not likely to do much for your neck. Rather it is very effective at dealing with early aging changes along the jawline and jowl area. Most facelift patients look presentable at two weeks and can return to work between 10 and 14 days. The incisions are very similar for a minilift vs. a true facelift. However, the bottom line is whether the procedure will produce the results that you seek. A minilift will likely not give you improvement in the areas that concern you most (the neck). Your best chance of a great result is with a facelift that will better tighten and rejuvenate your neck. In addition, the trade off with regard to downtime is not that much greater with a true facelift vs. a mini facelift procedure. I hope this information is helpful.

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Call it a minilif , it is still a facelift and you want adequate work done to give a long lasting result. You state the problem is your neck which should require more work than a short flap "minilift".  Be sure your surgeon is experienced, Most "full face lifts" look presentable in 2 weeks.

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
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Minifacelift--pros and cons.

A minilift will do little for the neck. If you have jowls and loose skin have a full facelift done by an experienced plastic surgeon and your recovery should be 1-2 weeks unless you are the 1% that has much bruising

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Miniface Lift


Minifacelifts can correct jowl and neck excess in most cases. It just depends on the extent of the excess and your expectations. A picture would help but you can look at the before and after results of minifacelifts in the link below.



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