I Had a Mini Cheek/Neck Lift Done 5 Days Ago, Feels Like there is Fluid in my Left Ear, Normal?

Plastic surgeon said in interview that he does a SMAS Lift, although he refers to the procedure as a mini cheek/neck lift). Apparenty, the PS used a liposuction tool to assist with the surgery (I was unaware he would be using lipo with the lift until after the procedure - I had absolutely no idea a lipo tool would be used since I'm very thin and without excess facial fat). It feels like there is fluid in my left ear. Is this a normal sensation that will resolve on it's own or should I be concerned?

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Feeling of fluid....

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Often, after a SMAS facelift, there can be some swelling around the ear.  Sometimes the ear feels "congested", as though you had a cold.  This symptom usually goes away by the second week.  But - have you surgeon take a look in your ear with an otoscope just to confirm that there isn't any fluid behind your eardrum.

I Had a Mini Cheek/Neck Lift Done 5 Days Ago, Feels Like there is Fluid in my Left Ear, Normal?

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A sensation of fluid in your ear is not at all unusual after facial surgery. At your next postoperative visit your ears can be examined and cleaned if necessary. With regard to the liposuction procedure, this is actually a very safe and rapid way to complete most of the necklift procedure. I will use liposuction cannulas to raise the skin in the neck even in a thin patient. This approach is used not to remove fat but to elevate the skin so the lift can be performed. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Fluid in Ear after Facelift

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It will be easy to determine if there is any fluid in your ear after facelift by simply examining your external ear canal. Your surgeon can answer your question when you are seen for your next post-op visit..

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fullness in the ear after facelift

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This can be a normal sensation after facelift due to loss of sensation in the ear canal. Less likely you may have some fluid or dry blood in the external canal, but your family doctor can look in the canal with an otoscope and rule this out.

Roy A. David, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

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