Could I Have a Mini Arm Lift? (photo)

After losing 95 pounds my arms are a bit saggy at the top and have stretch marks. I have been trying to tone them at the gym and I have slightly but I'm not happy with the bit of extra skin and fat that hangs. I don't want to have a long scar, is there any type of procedure that would help this? You I be a candidate for a mini arm tuck?

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Could I Have a Mini Arm Lift

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I am not sure I am seeing enough laxity to merit surgery. This looks better than almost all the after pictures posted on this site. But a picture doesn't tell the story properly, so a consult with a surgeon would be in order. There are some non-surgical technologies that I would try before surgery. All the best. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Mini Arm Lift Surgery

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It's not unusual for patients to develop loose saggy skin after massive weight loss. This can affect almost any area of the body including the upper arms. When this problem is encountered, a variety of treatment options are available. The specific procedure chosen will depend upon the patient's anatomic deformity and aesthetic goals.

Although your pictures are helpful, it's virtually impossible to make a specific recommendation without a physical examination. Despite this, your pictures suggest that you might be a candidate for a mini arm lift procedure.

This procedure would involve a transverse incision in the armpit which is well hidden. The procedure would not address excess skin in the transverse dimension. Liposuction might also be an option, but this procedure has the potential to increase skin sag.

Under these circumstances, it's appropriate to consult a board certified plastic surgeon who can perform an examination. This surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan based upon your anatomic findings.

Short scar arm lift

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Thank you for your question. With age and/or weight changes, the upper arms can hold a lot of excess fatty tissue and develop skin laxity. An arm lift procedure helps to contour the upper arms by reducing excess skin and fat. The incisions can be hidden in the armpit for those with a moderate degree of laxity or along the vertical length of the upper and inner arm for those with more skin excess. In your situation, a short scar under the armpit would work.  The results are extremely satisfying. I would recommend that you visit with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your options in more detail.

Laser Lipo & Skin Tyte

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Thank you for your question and photo. You are a good candidate for laser assisted liposuction combined with a non ablative skin tightening procdure.  Liposuction alone causes some skin tightening.  Adding laser to heat up the skin and collagen fibers also helps.  A postop series of skin tightening treatments such as Skin Tyte would help to improve the resulst.  This combination of treatments can avoid having to do any skin excision in someone like yourself thereby completely avoiding scarring. All the best.

Could I Have a Mini Arm Lift?

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Yes but I might try minimal invasive Thermigen RF skin tightening system in 2 or 3 sessions to avoid incisions. 

Mini Arm Lift After Weight Loss

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Based on your photographs alone, you may be a candidate for a mini arm lift (limiting scar to underarm area).  The advantage of this procedure is that the scars are inconspicuous.  The disadvantage is that the amount of skin and tissue that is removed is limited.  The real answer to your question depends on your expectations.  If you will only be pleased with "tighter" appearing, well-defined arms, you may want to consider the complete arm lift.  If you will be content with an improvement and are looking to avoid a long scar, then the mini arm lift will suffice.  Congratulations on this major accomplishment.  Please make sure you are evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon.   

Mark Schwartz, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Mini Arm Lift Candidate?

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Congratulations on your significant weight loss;  frankly, I would have expected your arms to be in worse shape after this successful weight loss. I would agree with you that a full arm lift is not indicated here. Furthermore, if I were you I would be very careful about undergoing a "limited” arm lift procedure;  these procedures, in my experience, tend to be very limited in terms of results, yet will leave you with scarring in the axillary area.  Your case may be one where it is best to leave well enough alone (no surgery).

 Best wishes.

Axillary Arm Lift

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  First, you look very good, and I am not sure I would recommend anything.  I would have to examine you in person to determine if an axillary brachioplasty would be worthwhile.  This procedure involves removing an ellipse of skin at the axillary crease to remove some of the skin laxity, particularly that closest to the axilla.  It is impossible to remove a great deal of skin through this incision, but this may be appropriate for you.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Arm Lift after weight loss

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You have done a good job losing all of the weight and are now trying to tighten your arms. Your photos show good muscle tone with minimal extra fat. Skin can be tightened by non invasive techniques such as Exilis (without scar or downtime) or by surgical procedures. There are minimal incision brachioplasties that can be performed in patients with less extra skin such as you. The scar is up in the armpit area and the tightening is mostly at the upper part of the arm where it most needed. Find a plastic surgeon who is experienced in both armlifts and body contouring after major weight loss and you should be able to get the right procedure for you. 

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