Do I Need Mini-abdominoplasty As Well As Vaser Hi-Def? (photo)

I went to visit a Vaser Hi-Def surgeon in London and he advised that if I wanted to get a good 6-pack that I would need to have a mini-abdominoplasty as well as Vaser Hi-Def due to loose skin. Can anyone advise on whether I really need this? I'm quite nervous of having a tummy tuck. He said the MA would have to be done before (or at the same time as) Vaser Hi-def as skin stretching could alter the outcome. Is it possible that I could get a 6-pack with standard-def Vaser and the MA? Thank you!

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Vaser Liposuction

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When fat is removed, the skin gets more loose.  Your surgeon is giving good advice.  A six pack is not built from loose skin.

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