Mini abdominoplasty 9 PO and soon after I noticed a bulge of loose fat above my belly button. What do you suggest? (photo)

I had a mini abdominoplasty after I noticed a bulge of loose fat in the top of my stomach. I could grab a hand full. As well as it lays over my jeans. My lower stomach looked tight but round and as if I'm 4 months pregnant my belly button is a mess almost the size of a quarter. Any suggestions would help. I will be doing a revision. My surgeon is suggesting using some silk mesh material. He is very knowledgeable and board certified by I'm very nervous.

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Post op mini TT

Of course, anything above the navel would not have been addressed by a mini-TT. I will assume nothing was done to the navel given that this was a mini-TT. 

These front views alone are difficult to interpret. I cannot tell that there is fat excess as you describe. Nor can I see any bulging that you have seen, but that would require a side view. 

There is really not enough info here to offer a specific suggestion. Please consider reposting your question with more views. All the best. 

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