Sides of Mouth Are Different Shape Causing Uneven Smile? (photo)

When I smile the left hand side of my mouth has a sharp edge to it whereas the right is more rounded. This means that I have an asymmetric smile... When I'm not smiling my lips look completely normal but when I do they become uneven. This causes the illusion of my smile looking as if it is stronger on one side. Also, the side where it's more curved is slightly more gummy probably due to the fact the muscles on that side don't seem to be pulling as hard. Is there any way I can fix this?

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Uneven smile and lip augmentation

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Dear OilTownsend,

  1. Lip injections with Juvederm can help your smile, and a little Botox can make it less gummy
  2. As for the symmetry, it is difficult to obtain perfect symmetry, there can only be an improvement

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