Is There a Mimimum Age Limit for Fraxel Laser?

I am 25 years old and wish to undergo Fraxel on my face for Acne scars. Will this pose a problem later in life? Also, is there a minimum age limit to undergo Fraxel?

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Fraxel Laser treatments is there a proper age to start?

No there is no minimum age limit required for treatments and there are no later adverse side effects due to starting at a certain age. Fraxel Co2 treatments can be quite rewarding for acne scarring and the sooner the better for many patients to rid themselves of the reminders of formidable teenage years. Best regards!

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Fraxel treatment of scars can be done in young patients

Scar revision including acne scars can be performed in very young individuals. Collagen formation can result deep in the dermis to correct depressed scars by using Fraxel Re:store laser. For young patients I would prefer this to the more aggressive Fraxel Re:pair CO2 laser. The Fraxel Re:store requires more treatments but the downtime is minimal compared to more aggressive lasers, and they are tolearated with the use of numbing cream which eliminates the need for anesthetic injections and pain medication.

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Fraxel Laser Age Limit, and Late Adverse Effects?


There is not an age minimum for Fraxel treatments. We have used Fraxel restore for traumatic scars on children , and Fraxel repair for acne scars on teenagers.

There has been no late adverse effects from the use of CO2 lasers. CO2 lasers have been used on the skin for at least the past 20 years.

Good luck and be well.

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