Why Did the Surgery to Fix my Double Bubble Fail?

I had a breast aug 3 yrs ago that developed an infection. 6 months ago i had the implants replaced. I then was left a double bubble. My surgeon said he could fix it with a fat transfer. After the fat transfer i still have a double bubble. Im so dissapointed & im not only financialy drained but im emotionally drained as well. This is consuming my life & I also now have servere depression. Any suggestions on how to fix it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Double bubble

A double bubble can occur when the implants falles below the fold or when large implants are placed behind a narrow gland.  Depending upon the scenario will determine how to fix them.

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Correcting "Double Bubble" after Breast Surgery?

I'm sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with the outcome of the revisionary breast surgery. Although I cannot give you precise advice without much more information, I generally correct “double bubble” problems with internal suture repair (capsulorraphy) of the inframammary fold areas. You may find  the attached link helpful to you.

Best wishes.

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Fixing the double bubble breast deformity

Often, a double bubble breast deformity can be corrected with internal sutures to lift the fold to its original location. I haven't heard of correcting it with fat transfer.

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Treatment of a Double Bubble usually requires a breast lift

A double bubble deformity occurs when your breast tissue droops/hangs/sags over an implant. This usually indicates that you needed some degree of breast lift at the time of the augmentation. Treatment of this deformity therefore requires that the lift be performed. This deformity should not be confused with "bottoming out" of an implant in which the treatment is to suspend the implant higher up. It would be unusual to correct a double bubble successfully with a fat transfer, but I cannot say for sure without having examined you or some photos. Talk to your surgeon or see another board certified plastic surgeon for another opinion.

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Double bubble

Unable to tell why it did not work. Fat injection might work, but this is not how I repair a double bubble. Usually this deformity is caused by the implant migrating inferiorly, below your natural fold. I treat this by capsulorhaphy, which puts the implant back above the fold, and re-creates your fold at its original location. Talk to your surgeon.

Gregory Sexton, MD
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