Going to a wedding the day after cast removal?

Hello! I'm having a rhinoplasty on Thursday, November 3rd. I'm scheduled to have my cast removed Friday, November 11th. My cousin's wedding is the next day on Saturday, November 12. I have a while before I decide how to RSVP but I'm wondering if I'll look normal enough by the day after cast removal to go and not feel very self conscious. I don't plan to drink if I do go because I don't want to risk getting tipsy and whacking my face on something.

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Going to a wedding the day after cast removal?

Unless you are having a very minor rhinoplasty, your nose will be swollen at that time so plan accordingly. 

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Going to a wedding the day after cast removal for rhinoplasty?

 It is certainly possible to go to a wedding  one day after the cast removal which is about 6 or 7 days after  the surgical procedure. Visible bruising and swelling will be present, so be prepared for that.

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Social appearance after rhinoplasty

You can easily go for an event the day after the cast was removed.  You might want to get Dermablend to blend in any bruises that still might appear.  It is available Usually in Macy's.Also ask the doctor for a short dose of steroids at the time of surgery to help reduce the swelling significantly by the time you go to your function.


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Rhinoplasty and actiivty

You will likely be very swollen and bruised. You also should avoid exertion.  It might be best to avoid going to the wedding. If you go, be very careful.

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Bruising after a rhinoplasty

Dear Knope,
The amount of bruising after rhinoplasty cannot be fully predicted.  It depends on many variables (such as the amount of undermining performed (minor tip work, vs closed hump reduction with infracture, vs. full blown open septorhinoplasty).  The amount of motion you do after surgery also plays a role - lots of laughing, facial expressions, and especially vomiting will result in more bruising.  You will really know how long your recovery will last by the 3rd day after surgery.  If you just have swelling but no color, you will look presentable 7-10 days after surgery.  If you have black eyes, it will take 3-4 weeks to look good.  I always play it safe, so I'd say don't do a wedding till 1 month after surgery.

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Septoplasty, turbinate reduction all at once.

Generally there is considerable swelling of the nose one week after surgery. There is less swelling with closed rhinoplasty technique. Degree of swelling also depends upon what is being done. Occasionally patients will have bruising under the eyes if osteotomies are performed. Hope this helps in your decision making ! Good Luck. 

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Wedding day after cast removal

Looking 'normal enough"  is difficult to predict,  you may still have some residual bruising and some swelling.    Make sure your follow all pre-op instruction regarding asa, vitamin e, fish & flax seed oil,alcohol anything that may cause you to bleed more during the procedure.     Good Luck

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Timing of rhinoplasty surgery

Thanks for your question. It kind of depends on how much work you're having done. If you're having a closed type procedure, you'll have a lot less swelling than if you have an open procedure. Ask your surgeon if you're not sure. You'd also have to plan on having some visible bruising. Most of the time my patients don't bruise very badly, but I never guarantee no bruising. Another thing that you may notice, but people don't really talk about, is that the skin under your cast can get kind of inflamed. Many patients experience acne breakouts under the cast including blackheads that can take a week or more to get under control. 
The other thing to consider is your role in the wedding- if you're going to be in a bunch of pictures, you may want to either move your surgery up to more than  month before the wedding, or for after the wedding.
For more on what to expect when you're recovering from a rhinoplasty, check out my blog!
Good luck!

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Swelling for Wedding

Thank you for your question.  In general, you shouldn't be too swollen after your cast comes off, and most patients should be able to go to a wedding.  However, I usually will recommend holding off on weddings/formal pictures for several weeks after surgery.  It can take usually, 6 months up to one year for all swelling to resolve after surgery.  

I am not saying that you shouldn't go to the wedding (and have a wonderful time!).  However, be prepared that you may still have some swelling/bruising. And be sure to mention to your surgeon your plans, as well.

I hope that this helps!
-David Gilpin

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Post operative swelling from rhinoplasty

Swelling after rhinoplasty can last a while, sometimes even up to 6 months or a year on the tip depending on the kind of surgery you are having. You may also have bruising after surgery and this may or may not be resolved by the time you go to your cousin's wedding. We often advise patients to wait a few weeks after any facial aesthetic surgery so they can be socially appropriate with or without makeup. Best, MMT

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