What is the standard of care for dermatologists regarding symptoms that include: scalp bumps/itching/redness and hair loss.

MD diagnosed me w/ seborrheic/perioral dermatitis after seeing me twice. At the 2nd visit he told me my hair loss was r/t stress & that my scalp itched b/c of dandruff. He prescribed doxycycline after the antibiotic+steroid topicals & ketoconazole shampoo proved not to work & told me i didn't need to come back. 8mos. later I have lost 1/2 the amount of hair I had when I saw him. If my scalp is scarred/hair is not able to grow back, can I look at a malpractice suit to cover extensive treatment?

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Getting to the Bottom of It--Seeking Hair Loss Treatment: PRP and Progesterone

I can't speak to legal matters, however I do recommend getting a consultation with a hair loss expert. Prp and progesterone injections to the scalp are options for hair regrowth. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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