When will the result of ptosis repair fully shown?

Hey! I got my ptosis repair done 3 weeks ago, but now I still feel my left eyelid is a bit lower than my right eyelid for about 1.5mm, is this normal? Should I give it more time?

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Uneven eyelids after ptosis surgery

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Hi. This is a hard question to answer without more information or photos. Typically your eyelids should be fairly even by 3 weeks after ptosis surgery. However, surgical results, and the speed of recovery can vary significantly from person to person. Factors that can affect your result and recovery include the amount of swelling (and difference in swelling between the two eyelids), amount of pre op ptosis, type of ptosis, possible concurrent blepharoplasty, your bodies ability to heal.  In some patients a slight amount of asymmetry may "smooth over" with more time. Other patients with assume try may eventually need a revision. Hope this helps. Ira Vidor, M.D.

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