Necrosis to nipple after breast reduction surgery.

I had breast reduction surgery. I lost blood flow to my nipple and aerola and developed necrosis. My PS referred me to a wound doctor who recommended hyberbaric treatment. I had 17 treatments then had to stop do to some complications. Last week my PS removed the necrosis and now I have fatty tissue exposed. It's not deep thank goodness and half of my nipple and some aerola survived. I'm still going to the wound clinic twice a week so they can keep and eye on it. What should I expect next?

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Breast reduction

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I am sorry to hear about your issues. I would ask your PS about the outlook moving forward. You could post some photos to get an informed opinion but it is best to try and get the wounds healed and then let them settle for 12 months before considering any further surgery. 

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Necrosis to nipple after breast reduction surgery.

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Generally, it takes time for this to heal and once it is done, then future procedure, if needed can be discussed. 

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What Next?

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I'm sorry this happened to you.

It sounds like you've had a complicated course with multiple providers involved (a plastic surgeon and a separate wound doctor), so it's difficult to provide any thoughts on what to expect next.  I recommend going back to your plastic surgeon to ask what the plan is once you're healed.


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