I had BBL a year ago, and suffered from sciatica for a very long time. Can a doctor prescribe nerve medicine?

I had a bbl done last year I'm not happy with my butt size at all its still flat it seems to me as if my hips just got wider My butt still looks as if my butt and legs are one unit it's no point where the butt end and the legs start hope you can kind of visualize the picture in other words I barely have gluteal folds one side it's like half a gluteal fold and the other side nothing at all would implants be a better option ? Or should I try bbl again

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Sciatica after bbl

your surgeon or family doctor can try a medicine called neurontin if you are having nerve pain. Before doing so though you need to be evaluated to determine what's going on as long term nerve pain such as sciatica is not commonly seen after a bbl. this is more important than the appearance of your backside.

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Sciatica and BBL

Thank you for your question. I wouldn’t recommend a revision surgery if the first one cause you to develop sciatica. My best advice would be to do glute targeting exercises which will increase the size of the muscle and give your buttocks a larger appearance and that separation between the back of the leg and the buttocks. In regards to the nerve medication, I would consult with your surgeon or primary physician, they may prescribe a nerve pain medication by the name of Gabapentin. I hope this helps.
Best of luck in your recovery!

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