Why does my butt appear smaller after second bbl?

Why does my butt appear smaller? This is my second bbl and I feel as if my butt was bigger before. Could it be because more fat was added to hips and not as much to my butt?

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Why does my butt appear smaller after second bbl?

There may be an element of appearance vs reality here as addition and subtraction from various areas can sometimes make other areas look smaller or larger.

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Why does my butt appear smaller after second bbl?

That could be answered better if you attach photos of before and after. 

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BBL and positioning of fat

During BBL, the fat can be distributed over the center of the buttocks cheek to gain more projection or the lateral sides of the buttocks in the hip area; the later results in a "bubble butt". Please see link below for further discussion.

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Butt smaller after 2nd BBL?


It obviously would be very unusual for your buttocks to get smaller after a Brazilian butt lift. Preoperative and postoperative photos would be very helpful in answering your questions.

All the best - Sam Jejurikar, M.D.

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BBL smaller?

Without seeing preop and post-op photos or knowing what was done in the OR, it is hard to say.  Best to discuss with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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