Will a breast lift or implants affect me if I choose to have children in the future?

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Pregnancy and breast lift or implants

Certainly pregnancy and nursing will affect your breasts (with or without implants). If you plan on having implants first, this could potentially affect the potential to lactate but this is difficult to quantify and define wihout knowing more about your nursing potential as well as the technique used to achieve the lift. Certainly, if you proceed with implants/lift and then have children, it is possible that you may need a revision following completion of child bearing.

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Will a breast lift or implants affect me if I choose to have children in the future?

Hello dear, thanks for your post!! There is no evidence that breast implants will affect pregnancy or ability to breastfeed. If you think you may want to become pregnant in the future, you should see your surgeon. Pregnancy can alter breast size in an unpredictable way and could affect the long-term results of your breast augmentation.

I recommend to make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon, for a personal consultation and to talk about goals and concerns.

Good luck :)

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Pregnancy after Breast Surgery

Thanks for your great question.   Yes, you can breast feed after augmentation surgery, but you probably won't be able to do so after breast lift surgery. Often women may choose to wait until after pregnancy when doing a lift, as we are never certain of what these changes may be.  A common change is loss of volume and increased sagging. If you don't want to wait until after pregnancy, just know that you may want revisional surgery after pregnancy because of breast appearance.  Good luck in your decision making.

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Breast surgery and future pregnancies

Breast surgery will not affect your ability to have children down the track.  Your ability to breast feed will not be affected if you have breast implants alone but if you have breast lift surgery, breast feeding will likely be difficult or not possible.  There is also no way of knowing in advance how your breasts will respond to pregnancy or breast feeding.  Many women are happy with the changes in their breasts after pregnancy, other women feel their breasts have lost volume or sagged and decide to have revision surgery after they have completed having children.  

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Breast lift or augmentation and future pregnancy

Breast implants and a lift will not affect pregnancy but they could affect breastfeeding. Here's how: Not all women are naturally able to breastfeed. Women who are able, theoretically, would still be able to breastfeed if the implant is placed behind the muscle through an inframmamary or axillary incision. When the implant is placed behind the muscle the surgeon is not touching any of the breast tissue. If a lift operation is added and includes a technique that does not involve the breast tissue, the same theory should hold true. Hope this information is reassuring and good luck. For more information on this and similar topics I recommend a plastic surgery Q&A book like "The Scoop On Breasts: A Plastic Surgeon Busts the Myths."

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Breast Surgery and Pregnancy?

A regular breast augmentation should not interfere with a pregnancy/ breastfeeding at all.  The implants sit deep to the breast architecture so should not interfere with anything.  A breast lift can complicate the ability to breastfeed depending on how extensive the lift is and where the incisions are placed.  However, I have women who undergo a breast augmentation/ lift and go on to breastfeed just fine, with the breast rebounding nicely afterwards.  The best thing to do is to come for a consultation and see what will ultimately work best for you.  I hope this helps.

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Will a breast lift or implants affect me if I choose to have children in the future?

Breast implants under the muscle with an incision away from the areola are not going to affect breast feeding. A breast lift may if a significant amount of breast tissue is removed, but this is not likely. 

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Will a breast lift or implants affect me if I choose to have children in the future?

Breast Lift with implants will not affect your ability to have children.  If you are planning to breastfeed, there could be an issue due to the lift depending on how far the nipple has to move.

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