Got my braces tightened yesterday and it didn't hurt?

I got my first tightening done yesterday, and of course I felt pressure when it was done but barely any pain or soreness? I was completely prepared for a week or two of pain and eating squishy things but surprisingly everything feels just fine. Why is that? It might be silly to ask but does that mean they're maybe not tight enough or not working properly? I'm definitely not complaining. I'm just wondering why they hurt so bad last time but not at all this time.

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Count Yourself Lucky!

Actually, the worst pain from any appointment you'll likely have is right after your braces were put on.  From there on, most appointments will be pretty easy.  The feelings after will differ somewhat, but nothing like the day they were put on.  Orthodontics has changed from the old days.  We now use light, continuous pressure as opposed to heavy, short-term pressure.  It's much kinder to the tissues and it feels better too.

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