I'm considering Botox, but I worry about dangerous/future side effects. Have any renowned doctors had Botox themselves?

My logic is if these doctors know more than I ever will about medicine and science and receive Botox injections themselves, that speaks to the relative safety of the procedure. If well-respected doctors, who have access to the best clinical research and know about long-term risks, are receiving Botox themselves, then I can trust that it isn't as deadly and dangerous as I have feared. I am not asking for suggestions on which doctor to go to. I'm asking if there are well-known MDs who have Botox.

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Botox has an excellent safety record.

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I have used Botox on my family members and have several physicians in my practice who use it regularly.  Botox has an excellent safety record so you should feel confident if you wish to receive Botox.

What are the risks with Botox?

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While we can never no everything about a given treatment. Botox has been used for several decades and the mechanism and our observations do not account for any long time side effects?

Jeffrey M. Joseph, MD
Newport Beach Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Botox Safety

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Your concern is not unreasonable, but I have not seen any articles that show long term adversed affects.  Short term complications like drooping of the eyelids or brows go away in a few weeks.  The toxin my travel up nerves.  The affects seem to be gone in 3-4 months.  Higher doses than indicated in children or patients with neurologic conditions that affect swallowing have caused problems.  The normal doses for cosmetic reasons seem to be safe and short term.  I have had the product and my wife gets the product. 

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BOTOX Safety

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Thank you for posting your interesting BOTOX question. BOTOX is considered a neurotoxin and works by temporarily freezing the muscle that it is injected into with a very small needle. It is a very well studied FDA approved medication and has been used in many well respected patients and doctors themselves. I recommend that you have a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can examine you, discuss your aesthetic goals with BOTOX injections, see many of the doctor's before and after photos and determine if BOTOX injections are indicated. Only when you are completely comfortable with this elective procedure, should you proceed. Best wishes, Dr. Richard Swift

Botox safety

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An excellent question for any cosmetic procedure to ask your doctor:"would you or a member of your family have this procedure done?"I strongly recommend botox when properly performed and by a skilled,board certified plastic surgeon or derm.I have not had it myself but inject it frequently without hesitation to family members and friends

Robert Savage, MD (retired)
Wellesley Plastic Surgeon

Botox is safe

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i know many doctors that use botox on themselves or have had it injected.  It is av very safe product that I have been using more than about15 years.

Botox Safety

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Botox has been around for 50 years and, before the cosmetic uses were discovered, was used on children for "lazy eye." Most of the experts I know of, including myself, do not hesitate  to use it on themselves and their families. Not only do I use it, but I use it on my wife and daughter. All of the problems I have seen are related to either inexperience of the injector or use of a substitute product not FDA approved for cosmetic use in humans. If you decide to investigate this further, make sure you choose an expert injector. (See ExpertInjector.org and PlasticSurgeryToday.com/beautifulskinlaserresurfacinghighlandsnorthcarolina/botox-cosmetic/)

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Botox safety

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I would strongly suggest that if you are concerned that Botox is "deadly and dangerous as I have feared", you should refrain from having this ELECTIVE, COSMETIC treatment.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

Do doctors do Botox themselves?

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Most doctors who do a lot of Botox treatments also give Botox to their family members and/or themselves.  Personally I treat both my family members and myself with Botox.  I would consider cosmetic Botox neither deadly nor dangerous.
Dr. Ort


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Thank you for your question.  Many physicians either inject themselves with Botox (myself included) or have a colleague inject them.  It is very common amongst aesthetic specialists (Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, ENT Facial Plastics, and Oculoplastics) to have many of the techniques done on themselves so that they can tell the patients their own personal experience with each treatment.  Botox being the most common non-surgical aesthetic intervention is commonly used by physicians and their families.  Regards, Dr. Matt Elias 

Matthew Elias, DO, FAAD
Fort Lauderdale Dermatologic Surgeon
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