Does the full mantle radiation I have for HL 30 years ago effect my choices of reconstruction after a Bilateral Mastectomy?

I have recently been diagnosed with DCIS in my left breast. I had full mantle (chest and abdomen) for Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 1986. I have been told I am a good candidate for a skin/nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy. It was recommended that I have both breasts removed because of the previous radiation I received to the chest area all of those years ago. Does this previous radiation effect my choices of reconstruction?

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Radiation can complicate any reconstruction choice, but doesn't limit any for sure

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  • Radiation effects tissue quality.  It doesn't make any choice of reconstruction impossible, but it presents different challenges with each type. Your surgeon can go over that with you.

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Does mantle radiation effect breast reconstruction?

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Radiation is in essence a controlled burn of tissues with irreversible and some reversible changes. Since your radiation treatment was 30 years ago, the tissues have had an ample time to recover from the reversible changes and you may be a candidate for implant based reconstruction. Recommend an evaluation by a board certified plastic surgeon. Best, Dr. Yegiyants 

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