Early Nose Implant Removal?

I have only had my surgery for a week, but synthetic nose implant is affecting my life very badly, i can't endure the feeling of having it in my body anymore, I originally want to do the cartilage graft for the my nose, but my surgeon said that my cartilage would not be enough for my bridge. The earliest that I remove it? Because i already done the tip of my nose as well, can any procedures be perfomed to make it balance with my bridge after the implant removal?

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Dorsal nasal implant removal?

Ask your surgeon who plays the implant to please remove it. This can be done tomorrow if you desire. Wait at least 6 to 12 months before augmenting the bridge with cartilage. With more than 35 years of rhinoplasty I've never had a nose and I could not find enough cartilage to augment the bridge.

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Early nasal implant removal

I would first speak to your surgeon since they put it in and would have the best idea of the resulting defect if it is removed. There are a few options at this point. You can remove the implant and allow the rest of the nose to heal which is what I would recommend if you want the implant out immediately because there will be too much swelling from your recent surgery to accurately do any revision work at the same time. The other options would be to leave the implant in for a few months and then you may be able to switch it out for a rib cartilage graft if you need a lot of cartilage and do the reconstruction at the same time. If you are not satisfied with your surgeon's answer, then speak with a few other revision rhinoplasty surgeons in person to go over more detail with you. 
Best of luck

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Removal of Silicone Implant One Week Post-op

If you feel this strongly about removing the implant ask your surgeon to remove it now. The timing of augmentation after implant removal will depend on the size of the implant and what was done to the nasal tip. I've never seen a patient who did not have enough cartilage to augment the bridge. I prefer using diced cartilage in a fascia sleeve.

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Synthetic Nasal Implant Concerns

If you feel this strongly about wanting to remove your nasal implant I suggest you ask your surgeon to please remove it. I would then wait an additional 6-12 months before considering additional dorsal augmentation with cartilage grafts to allow the nasal tissues to heal. Best Wishes. 

Fred J. Bressler, MD, FACS
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