Hair Got Pulled out. Will it Grow Back?

Hi I have naturally very thick hair..I got depressed and it knoted up and I lost a lot of hair from my bun. Now I am on meds a nd I went and bought rogain. Will it grow back since I am going to look after my hair? This is not genetic.

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Hair loss from pulling

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Great question. Hair loss from pulling forces being trapped in a bun, braids, pony tails, weaves, etc is called "traction alopecia" and some of the hair loss you are describing is likely true hair breakage too. The good news  is that if this process hasn't gone on very long the hair will grow back fully. Rogaine will simply speed up the rate that it grows back. 

It sounds like the injury to the hair follicles was fairly "short term" so it's likely your hair will grow back. To be even more certain to help things along, I would also advise to get your thyroid and iron levels checked by your doctor to make absolutely certain they are in the perfect range. 


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