Delayed healing on breast reduction (no implants) 5 months post op? (Photos)

2 months post surger a "pimple" of sorts formed and released puss until it was more of an open wound. Now it won't heal and has been 5 months post surgery. Using opsites and had it cultured, now on Cipro and doing vinegar soaks with No real progress. Appreciate feed back.

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Delayed healing on breast reduction (no implants) 5 months post op?

Thank you for your pictures and questions. I would say that while wound healing problems can be common after a surgery such as this, it is very atypical for these types of wound to be still present and stagnant at 5 months post-op. I think it is time for more advanced wound care or a consideration of excision and closure. If surgery is not an option, then I think there are more advanced wound care options out there other than vinegar soaks and abx. You should see someone who specializes in wound care for other options.

Best of luck!

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Healing secondarily

after wound issues is almost certain... but at 5 months, something is amiss.  Open wounds in my opinion do not need cultures as they don't get infected.  But the wound care sounds very reasonable and the wound are clean.  At this point, other issues must be considered such as pyoderma gangrenosum.  If tissue is loose, an attempt at excision and secondary closure could also help.  Best wishes...

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Delayed healing on breast reduction (no implants) 5 months post op?

I am sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced.  Based on your description, (with cultures taken and appropriate antibiotic therapy started),  appropriate treatment has been rendered. However, given the fact that there has been "no real progress", I wonder if repeat cultures would be worthwhile?  Doing so might allow for tailoring of antibiotic therapy.  Given that it is five months post surgery (unusual to still have wounds at this point),  an infectious disease consultation may also be indicated.

 Best wishes.

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