Military / Cash Discount for Breast Augmentation

Can my wife get a military/cash discount. She is a 34C wants to be a 34DD high profile. She had 2 children back to back and breast fed. She is 31yo 5'5" 125lbs. I return Oct.2011 from Afghanistan. and want the surgery upon return NLT Nov.We are currently located in La , but do not mind traveling for the right price.

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Military / Cash Discount for Breast Augmentation

Price should never be a determinant for choosing the right surgery. Many surgeons incuding us offer discounts for those serving the country in the military, etc. Ensure that you consult with and choose an experienced and expert surgeon, and the fees tend to be able to be worked out.

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Military/cash discount for breast implants

Many plastic surgeons offer a cash discount, and many of us offer a discount to help those who serve our country in the military.  But do be cautious, price should not be the only determining factor in choosing a plastic surgeon.

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Military discount

Thank you for the question and photos.  Most of us do offer discounts when it comes to patients coming from the military as a way of saying thank you.  Best to check with your local board-certified plastic surgeons and pick the one you like the most.  Best of luck.  Dr. Michael Omidi

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Pick surgeon based on experience and expertise, not price

You would have to discuss this with the surgeon you choose to perform the procedure. Please pick your surgeon based first on their experience and expertise, rather than how much they're charging.

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