I Might Have a Milignant Lipoma. What Does This Mean?

I just had a lipoma removed and they think it might be malignant. I am so scared I know have cancer. It is at the Univ of Penn for tests. What does this mean?

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Malignant lipoma

Your apprehention is very understadable. However you need to wait till the final pathology results are back and you have discussed the issue with your surgeon.

If the Lipoma is malignant, it is very important to understand exactly what type of malignancy it is. Depending on the actual diagnosis youe surgeon can sit with you and expalin what that means. Then you need guidance as to who and where you can get the best treatment.

 the fact that the lipoma was removed, means it was small enough to be removed, and there is still as good a chance that this could be non malignant.


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