Any suggestions for pinched nostrils?

I have a question , my nostrils got sawn together so they are so wide anymore when i laugh .. however, the left one already looks pinched , the other doesn't because its less teight but i am only 6 month in and i am worried if it gets smaller on that side to it also will look pinched.... is there a way to undo the thread where its sawn without opening the entire nose again.. or do a closed surgery ? I can not handle more big surgery with more swelling and more scar tissue etc ....

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Pinched Nostrils

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While you have not shown any pictures, pinched nostrils typically means that the lower alar cartilages have collapsed inward after a cephalic resection. They will have a concave shape when viewed from below rather than a straight line or even a convex shape. This can be corrected by placing septal grafts through rim incisions without going through an open rhinoplasty approach again.


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Thank you for your question. I am concerned that your septum may cause airway obstruction. It is common for asymmetrical nostrils and facial plastic surgery - particularly Rhinoplasty - can address your nostrils. Please consult with your board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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