Is It Better to Use a Milder Form of Retin-A Daily, or a Stronger One and Skip Days?

Using Tretinoin cream .05% for 4 months, and while the skin has adjusted to it, still can't apply it every night. Would it be best for me to request a milder form, such as the .01% and use it every night, or is taking 2-3 nights off a week and sticking with the .05% the way to go?

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Use Retin-A a few times a week

I usually prescribe a dose like you have and recommend people use it a few times a week. It's not necessary to use it daily and the effects and cell turnover are very much the same if you use a lower dose daily, or a higher dose a few times a week. You shouldn't be trying to build up to daily use. Using it a few times a week is just fine.

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