Can Mild Tuburous Breasts Be Corrected Without a Lift?

I have been told that I have mild tuburous breasts. I am having a mommy makeover in march after losing 90lbs. I have 40 more to go before my surgery so my PS is unsure if I will need a lift. I do not have puffy nipples or long envelopes like seen with most tuberous breasts. I do have small a/b's with very little 'bust' tissue, and a very intramammory space. I plan on going fairly large with my implant. Is it possible to correct shape with a larger implants and skip the extra scar of a lift?

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Mild Tuberous Breasts May Not Need Lift

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Mildly tuberous breasts or consticted breasts may not need a lift if the nipple is not in a low position.  Generally speaking, the augmentation itself will not completely correct the prominence of the areola or nipple, but the tight skin around the areola and in the cleavage area will most likely relax with an implant of appropriate size.   Do not rush into a lift without asking your doctor the advantages of that procedure for your individual case.

Most Tuberous Breasts Require a Mastopexy

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Hi Jesslaca.  Congratulations on your weight loss.  That is an incredible accomplishment.  I have found that most patients with Tuberous breasts look better after they have had a mastopexy in addition to their augmentation.  That is not to say that a lift is mandatory in all cases.  In your particular situation, the significant weight loss may make the skin envelope of the breast more lax, increasing the potential need for a mastopexy. 


My suggestion is to continue your planned weight loss, then reconsult with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon once you have achieved your goal weight.  Together with your surgeon, you will be able to get a realistic expectation of what your breasts will look like with and without a lift.  Then you can make an educated and personal decision whether to undergo the procedure or not.


Best wishes, Gilbert Lee, MD

Tuberous breasts treated with implants and Mini UItimate Breast Lift

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A lift can be done through a circumareola approach without extra scar.  If you have lost weight, you have excess skin that has to be excised and the circumareola approach is the best.  Using the circumareola incision you can reshape your breast tissue to increase cleavage, upper pole fullness and place an implant.  Whether or not you have mild tuberous breasts is really irrelevant.  You are an excellent candidate for a new technique called Breast Augmentation with Mini Ultimate Breast Lift.

Best Wishes,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

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Tuberous breasts

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Of course it is impossible to say without photos. Some mild cases of tuberous breasts can be treated with just an implant, while others may need additional work, especially if the nipples are too low.  Based on the fact that you have lost a lot of weight and plan o lose more (congratulations), you are more likely to need a lift.  If you need a lift and try to compensate for the loose skin by just getting large implants, you will only make the sagging worse.  Try sending photos after you have lost all your weight.

Can I correct Tuberous Breasts with implants only without additional scars?

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thanks for your question.


To answer it properly, you need to understand what "tuberous breast" means.  This is a medical term that describes the shape of your breast.  It is characterized by a high, tight inframmary fold, which may be of varying degree. The inframammary fold is the attachment of the bottom of your breast to the chest wall.  The breast can appear contracted and the breast tissue can even herniate or pooch into the nipple giving them a characteristically "puffy" look as you describe.


This is a complex problem and may require one or more surgical maneuvers to correct.  First, the fold must be lowered and the contracted breast tissue must be released inside so that the breast assumes a more natural shape.  This usually does not require additional scars on the breast itself and can be approached via a peri-areolar (around the nipple) scar.


If you have excess skin and resultant breast sagging from weight loss (you say you lost 90 lbs, congratulations!), an implant alone may not correct the appearance of your breasts in which case you would benefit from a mastopexy or breast lift in addition to the above. In this case, additional scars on the breast would be required.

Tuberous Breasts

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Without pictures this is impossible. There are many characteristics to the tuberous breast. The classics are 1. Herniation of tissue into the areola, 2. Narrow lower breast pole, 3. High riding inframamary pole. I have no idea how severe yours are or which characteristics you have. Only a clear communication of your goals with a board certified plastic surgeon can help you decide what is right for your particular case. Make sure you are comfortable with your surgeon. Not everyone needs a lift, but again it is impossible to comment without seeing your pictures. Best of luck.

Tuberous breasts

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Without an exam, it is difficult for me to evaluate what you may or may not need. If you have a very mild tight breast, an implant may be enough.

Tuburous Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles

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tuburous breast has a fundamentally different breast tissue which makes a peri-areolar breast lift and modifications of the breast tissue via this lift incision very necessary. Especially if you have lost 90 lbs you must have poor skin ellasticity on your breast and just going with a big implant would not do. You will need a breast lift, but possibly a peri-ariolar lift which does not have extra scars.

Is a lift needed?

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Its impossible for anyone to answer your question without a physical exam.  Whether or not you would benefit from a lift will depend on several factors including: the position of your nipple, the shape of your breast (degree of tuberosity), degree of sagging, and the quality of your skin.   I'm sure your PS will be best able to answer your question once you have finished with your weight loss.  All the best! Dr. Basu Houston, TX

Tuberous breast and lift

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Correction of the tuberous breast is dictated by the severity of the constriction. There are 2 factors which are in your favor. The first is your description of the condition as mild. Often with mild constriction of the breast, augmentation alone is all that is necessary to achieve your desired results. The second factor which may be helpful is the degree of weight loss. You may have stretched the lower pole skin with you r weight gain which would help diminish the constricting effect of the tuberous breast. These are all theoretical points as I do not have photos or an examination.

Keep up the good work and congratulations on losing the weight. Reconsult your board certified plastic surgeon as you are losing weight to give you a better understanding of what will be required to give you the best resutls possible.

I hope this was helpful and good luck.

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