I Have Mild Rosacea Redness Which is Under Control Thanks to Several IPLs. Can I Get the Sciton Microlaser Peel?

I would like something to help my pores and texture and I was interested in the Sciton Microlaser peel. Would that be OK for redness-prone skin or will it make my redness worse? Would it be better to do fraxel restore instead? I don't want the redness to get out of control again after having 6 IPLs.

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Laser Micropeel Safe and Effective

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The Sciton Laser Micropeel (LMP) is a safe and effective way to resurface especially if you have sensitive skin. The LMP removes the top dead layer without  harsh chemicals or the suction of a microderm abrasion, (which can break more capillaries). The LMP ablates the top layer of the epidermis at a depth discussed by you and the technician. It is a simple exfoliating/resurfacing solution for people with sensitive skin.  


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