Is a Mild Irritation Good or Bad for the Skin? Using Retin-A.

I have had many conflicting opinions on this particular topic. I want to know if a mild irritation of the skin (body or face, regardless) is good because it sends the body into healing mode and produces more collagen or if it's bad and should be avoided at all costs. For instance, when I use Retin A on my face or on some areas of my body, I get mild irritation, and in my mind, it's a good thing to force the body to produce more collagen. Same when I use shaving creams on my legs.

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Mild irritation of the skin, is it good?

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Mild irritation should be expected from Retin-A but it's not necessary for it to work properly. Irritation doesn't result in collagen production, it resolves from cortisone (which is natural) moving through your body to reduce and target the inflammation itself. This is why we recommend hydrocortisone (a topical inflammation cream) or even kenalog (injectable cortisone) to additionally help with irritations of the skin. So getting your skin to be irritated is NOT creating more collagen.

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