How Does a Mild Infection After Rhinoplasty Affect Results?

I had Rhinoplasty 16 days ago to remove a bump in my nose and lift the tip. I didn't have any sort of implant and dissolvable stitches were used. For the past few days I've woken up with a dull headache,I have a sore throat and now today the lymph nodes in my neck have swollen up.I can't get an appointment at the hospital until next week, and even then it is with a nurse as opposed to my surgeon as he is away. If I do have say, a sinus infection or tonsilitis, could my final result be affected?

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Mild infection generally won't affect rhinoplasty

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Development of a sinus infection or cold generally won't affect your rhinoplasty. However, take care to gently blow your nose, especially if the bones were fractured during your procedure. The swelling from your procedure may last a bit longer because of your sinus infection or cold, but as long as you're keeping your nose protected the longterm result should be just fine.

A Non-Nasal Infection Affecting The Results Of A Rhinoplasty

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Based on your description, it is not certain that you will develop a cold or a sinus infection and so I would recommend that you take good care of yourself by drinking plenty of fluids and to follow your surgeon's instructions as usual.

Normally, a cold or an non-nasal infection does not affect the results of a rhinoplasty but the behavior of the patient during that period may do.

If nasal mucus excessive production happens to start, be sure that you do not blow your nose as you normally do but super gently regardless if you had osteotomies performed to remove your nasal bump or not.

Still, it is important that you try to get a hold of your surgeon as soon as he/she becomes available because your surgeon knows the full details of your surgery and will be able to best advise you on how to go about treating your infection/cold if it were to take place.

I hope this helps and thank you for you inquiry.

The best of wishes to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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