I Have Mild Case of Ptosis. What Cosmetic Surgery Can I Get Without Getting Double Eyelid?

I have extra fat on my upper eyelid, which causes eye fatigue and excessive blinking. I don't have wrinkles on my face except my forehead, due to having to use facial muscles to look up. I would like to get cosmetic surgery and achieve the following: 1. Make my eyes larger for aesthetic reasons. 2. Be able to not have a heavy upper eyelid feeling 3. NOT have a double eyelid if possible. I would like to keep my same single monolid look, except just have larger eyes. Which do you think?

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I Have Mild Case of Ptosis. What Cosmetic Surgery Can I Get Without Getting Double Eyelid?

It may be possible to do what you ask.  However, you need to have a full consult to see what you would like with this procedure and see if what you are asking is really what you want. 

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This is a tall order.

WIthout a personal consultation, it is very difficult to directly answer these questions.  There is a ptosis method that does not involve cutting the outside of the eyelid.  This might permit ptosis surgery without changing the upper eyelid fold.  However, in raising the upper eyelid, there may appear to be too much upper eyelid skin.  Although you do not appear to have a double fold, sometimes the crease is so low that the crease of the upper eyelid does not appear to exit but when you lift the skin it is seen.  These are details that simply require a consultation to answer.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Internal ptosis repair is possible without external incision

As mentioned by Dr Steinsapir, it is possible to raise the upper eyelids with an "inside the eyelid" incision which avoids a skin incision. Unfortunately, this will not address the "fullness" of your eyelid. In fact, although this technique may make your eyes appear more wide open and bigger, it may actually make your eyelids seem more "full" or heavy. This occurs because as  the eyelid is move upwards,  the unchanged amount of skin and fat may further drape over the underlying eyelid platform.

When removing skin and/or fat, you cannot avoid making an incision which will subsequently heal with a thin scar. Although you do not have to form a strong crease, in asians without a pre-existing crease, this scar cannot be hidden or camoflauged well.

A formal evaluation by an Oculoplastics surgeon is recommended.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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I Have Mild Case of Ptosis. What Cosmetic Surgery Can I Get Without Getting Double Eyelid?

1. yes , you can have bigger eyes with surgery. 2. Yes, can remove fat and skin from upper eyelids and therefore reduce heaviness and fullness. 3. No, can't do 1 and 2 without getting a double eyelid. It is the formation of the double eyelid that opens the eye and maintains the skin in position after it is reduced. It is technically possible to do 2 without the double crease but, not both 1 and 2. Another technique for opening the eye is repositioning the lateral canthal ligament more medially which is a more complex surgery and involves large incision at the temporal area.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
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Upper eyelid surgery with crease fixation

Your pictures are typical of a floating upper eyelid crease that appears in 30-40 % of Asian eyes.  Asian upper eyelids have an extra compartment of fat.  The plastoic surgery procedure, in this case, is an upper eyelid surgery and hard fixation to create the upper eyelid crease.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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