Mild Case of Congenital Ptosis - When Should It Be Corrected?

My son has congenital ptosis on his left eye. The eyelid does not cover the pupil and most likely does not affect his vision. He is being monitored to make sure that this is the case as he is just 2 months old now. If indeed this is just a mild case of ptosis with no impact on vision, at what age should he have cosmetic surgery to make the two eyelids the same? What type of surgery would that be? Any recommendations for oculoplastic surgeons in the Bay Area?

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If it is mild and not affecting visual development, waiting is best.

The key here is how is the heavy upper eyelid affecting the visual development.  When ptosis affects vision, at this age, a lazy eye or amblyopia can develop.  When this occurs, early surgery is indicated.  Your baby should be followed by a pediatric ophthalmologist on a frequent basis to watch for this.  Truly mild ptosis should not affect the visual development.  This creates the opportunity to allow your baby to grow and this makes for easier elective surgery when the time is right to address the heavy eyelid.  Regarding the time of this surgery, it very much depends on what is going on with the two eyelids and the oculoplastic surgeon you ultimately see will help you with this decision.  In the Bay Area, I would recommend either Stuart Seiff, M.D. or Rona Silkiss, M.D..  Both are highly respected national leaders in oculoplastic surgery.  I believe that Dr. Silkiss may have an office in Palo Alto.

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