Which laser treatment should I opt for?

I am a 24year old Indian girl and I have been contemplating getting laser treatment I shaved a small part under my chin and now its really hairy with coarse and very dark hair with some scarring due to tweezing I am about medium skin toned with dark thick and coarse facial hair So i really want to go ahead with the laser treatment but I want to know which Laser is better for my skin type with effective results Alexandrite or the Nd Yag laser I am worried about scarring and it having no effect.

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​Find an Experienced Provider with Good Equipment that is Regularly Calibrated

Newer lasers have features built in (such as sapphire cooling tips) to make them more comfortable.  Some of the newer technology is also more efficient, allowing for lower energy settings to be used with better results and less discomfort.  For any laser treatment, safety is the most important consideration.   In the state of Texas, every new laser patient has to be seen by a medical practitioner.  At that point, they can determine if you can be safely treated with their laser.

We recommend finding an experienced and reputable provider in your area with updated equipment.  A consistent overlapping technique is the key to avoiding patchiness in LHR.   Calibration and power of the laser is important for a safe, comfortable and effective treatment.  Find out what laser they will use and if it is under a maintenance contract.  If their laser isn’t calibrated on a regular basis or is underpowered, your treatment may be painful or inefficient. After a series of 6-8 initial treatments, you may need a touch up every 3-5 years.

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