Do I need ptosis surgery left eye? (Photos)

Hi! I had a surgery on my left lower eyelid for ECTROPION, and on the upper eyelid a slight Blepharoplastic to fix my "heavy upper eyelid". Despite my surgery, I keep a sensation of heavy and tired eyelid and sometimes it's very down respect the right one. My oculoplastic doctor told me I have a slight left side ptosis and he wants to go trough mullerectomy surgery, for my 1mm left ptosis. I'm scared about being again asymmetric. To offset it I lift the eyebrow and "staple" the eyelid.

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Do I need ptosis surgery left eye?

You have left upper eyelid ptosis (droopy upper eyelid) which causes the same side eyebrow to raise in order to assist lift the droopy eyelid. The solution is left upper lid ptosis surgery. See following link and video. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Yes you have ptosis.

You also have an abnormality of the lower eyelid with inferior scleral show.  One must approach ptosis carefully here do to the risk of corneal exposure.  I personally would not address this ptosis with a mullerectomy.  You have a hollow upper eyelid with compensatory brow elevation.  The hollowness is consistent with a levator dehiscence ptosis.  I would seriously consider an anterior approach for this.  However, the vast majority of oculofacial surgeon prefer the Mullerectomy for small amounts of ptosis that respond to neosynephrine testing.

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