I'm getting scar revision done on my Tummy Tuck scar. It was placed too high, a bit hypertrophic. What should I expect? (photo)

My PS did not give me any pre or post operative instructions. Should I take time off work? He said that it would be skin only revision of the entire scar. I'm not sure what this will involve. Will it hurt? How should I prepare for this and what should I expect after? Without instructions I'm guessing it won't be very invasive and I can go back to work the next day. I had a full TT and lipo one year ago, with no pain after.

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Full tummy tuck recovery

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This will require the same time off as a full tummy tuck.  If you go back to work the next  day you will compromise the outcome of this revision.  It may not hurt as much but it should be allowed to heal.

Scar too high

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An isolated scar revision will not lower your scar. You will need a full revision tt to correct this. 

The extra skin above to lower it down needs to come from somewhere. That is the skin above the belly button. That will be lower or you will have a small vertical scar to close where it moved from. 

have another discussion with your surgeon.  You don't seem to be on the same page. 

Good luck. 

Mark Eberbach, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Tt scar revision

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do no do scar revision, it won,t get better or lower
consider lasers
get a real liposculture
if you have scar excision tape with 6" 4 months.

Ofer Rodriguez, DO
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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