Will the Distance Between my Inframmary Fold and Nipple Correct Itself? (photo)

I had a BA on 12/27/12; 350cc mod silicone unders. I'm explanting 6/4/13. My concern is the distance between my nipple and inframmary fold. It's significantly larger than pre-BA and I'm afraid it won't fix itself. One surgeon has said that I would need corrective surgery to shorten the distance. I know my nipples also sit higher than before, so I'm wondering if when the implants are removed and the nipples return to their pre-BA spot, the distance between nipple and IMF will be close to normal.

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Inframammary Fold After Removal of Breast Implants?


Although I cannot provide you with specific advice, some general thoughts may be helpful to you. In my opinion, based on many cases of breast implant removal, the inframammary fold area will not change significantly when breast implants are removed. Breast tend to “bounce back” (depending on quality of skin elasticity, size of breast implants etc.)  in the position that they currently "sit";  the inframammary fold will not miraculously raise itself.

On the other hand, it is possible to adjust the inframammary folds during surgery using capsulorraphy techniques (to raise the inframammary fold areas). Of course, as the complexity of the procedure increases, so do the potential risk/complications. Therefore, pros/cons as well as potential risk/complications should be considered carefully during the decision-making process.

I hope this and attached link help.

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Will the Distance Between my Inframmary Fold and Nipple Correct Itself? (photo)Will the Distance Between my Inframmary Fold and

It is very interesting that you are posing the question using terminology that a plastic surgeon would use.  Obviously you have either done a lot of homework, or consulted many plastic surgeons.  At any rate it shows you are very intelligent.  As for your answer, it is totally unpredictable.  This problem is called "bottoming out" and usually happens when implants are placed over the pectoralis major muscle.  It is for this reason that I invariably place my implants submuscularly and I do not even agree with the bi-plane placement, because it is in the lower pole that the support of the muscles is required mostly.  If the appropriate size implant is used the upper pole fullness will correct itself.  Therefore, I am not certain if your implants are indeed fully under the muscle.  However, with explantation alone the IMF frequently will revert to pre-augmentation levels after some time.  You may have a double-bubble deformity for a while but my experience has shown that it usually corrects itself.  If it doesn't there are ways of correcting it.  I don't recommend trying to correct it at the time of explantation because it may result in further secondary deformities.

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Breast augmentation

Too large of an implant for your size.

That is why the surgeon lowerd the inframammary line to accomodate the larger  implant.

The infra mammary line lowering then gave the appearance of the malposition of the nipples upward.

Options include

1: repair the inframammary line and use proper size implant, smaller with smaller dimentions

2: explantation, repair the inframammary line and I do recommend capsulectomy.

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Will the Distance Between my Inframmary Fold and Nipple Correct Itself?

From your photos, it looks like your surgeon altered your IM line surgically. I doubt it will automatically go back to its original location without reconstructing it. That is a relatively simple process that can be done at the time of explantation. You and the surgeon draw the desired fold location on your skin and during surgery he can strip the capsule away from that area and reconstruct the fold with a few internal sutures.

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High nipple positions from breast implants

I agree that your apparent nipple position looks high relative to your implant position. Is that your reason for explantation? My experience with explantations in women with good skin tone and relatively small implants, is how remarkably the breast often goes back to how it looked pre-breast augmentation. I would keep things simple and straightforward. Go ahead with the explantation. Worse case scenario, if the condition does not resolve over a period of observation, an inframammary crease revision can always be performed.

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