Likelihood That Reset Crease (After Explant) Will Fall Back Down? (photo)

I explanted 2 weeks ago after problems with my implants, among them, bottoming out. My crease, which was originally lowered anyway, was reset to be even with the scar. I'm not allowed to do anything that requires contraction of my chest muscles until 8-12 weeks post-explant for fear that my newly set crease will fall back down. What are the chances that, after properly healing, the crease would randomly fall back to it's "bottomed out" position? I'm worried I'll wake up one day with uneven creases.

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Likelihood That Reset Crease (After Explant) Will Fall Back Down?

Since there is no implant now, the risk of the crease falling down is minimal. Let this heal for 2-3 months and then re evaluate.

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Likelihood That Reset Crease (After Explant) Will Fall Back Down?

Although your concerns are understandable, ongoing time and patience are your friends at this point.  I would respectfully suggest that you occupy your mind with other aspects of life and (even)  stay away from sites such as this.  Look at your breasts again several months from now ( of course, this will be easier said than done).

 It is very likely, having followed your "course",  that you will end up pleased with the outcome of the procedure performed.

 Best wishes.

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Crease after implant removal

The likelihood that your crease will drop is low considering that you do not have an implant in any longer.

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Implant Bottoming out

The after picture does not match the other pictures. Please review and correct the posting to be able to answer your question

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