Will Drains Affect the Aesthetic Outcome After Explantation?

I am explanting mid-August after 7 months with 350cc submuscular silicone implants that have bottomed out severely. (I'm 25, no kids, no weight gain/loss.) PS is performing capsulectomy, raising IMF, and reattaching muscle to chest wall. He's using prolonged drainage instead of compression, and I'm worried the drains may affect the aesthetic outcome. Every before/after picture I've seen of women my age with good aesthetic outcomes never used drains, just compression. Do I need to worry?

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Use of a drain after explantation

The choice to use drains must be left up to your plastic surgeon.  I have never regretted placing a drain when needed.   It will not effect your final result.  

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You Need the Drains

Your surgeon is doing the right thing. Anytime you remove the capsule drains must be used. If drains not used a seroma (fluid collection) will develop. Drains will not affect your cosmetic result.

Dr. ES

Effect of drains on post-op result

Use of drains is a personal matter.  Some plastic surgeons like them and others don't.  There should be no aesthetic impact; a small segment of the lateral scar will go on to heal after the drains are removed.  This should not be a determinant of whether you select this plastic surgeon.

Will Drains Affect the Aesthetic Outcome After Explantation?

No, there is no need for worry. The use of drains, with the exception of  a very small scar, will not affect the aesthetic outcome after removal of breast implants.

Best wishes; hopefully, you will be very pleased with the long-term outcome of the procedure performed.

Will Drains Affect the Aesthetic Outcome After Explantation?

Not all doctors find drains necessary for the procedure but many surgeons prefer them. They will not affect the aesthetic outcome.

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Will Drains Affect the Aesthetic Outcome After Explantation?

It is hard to imagine that the choice of drain vs compression would make any difference in outcome. Some use both. If you like your surgeon's work, let him do what is his customary technique. All the best. 

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