Will a Capsulectomy Affect the Aesthetic Outcome? (photo)

I'm 25, no kids, no weight gain/loss and have had 350cc silicone-mod plus implants under the muscle for 7 months. I'm explanting very soon, and my surgeon is performing a capsulectomy, raising my IMF, and reattaching the chest muscle. My question is whether or not the capsulectomy will affect the final aesthetic outcome? My PS said he never removes any breast tissue with the capsule, but I'm still concerned that something may go wrong. What can I expect?

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Will a Capsulectomy Affect the Aesthetic Outcome?

Capsulectomy alone should not affect the aesthetic outcome of the procedure performed. However, you are correct in that if any tissue is inadvertently removed or injured during the time of capsulectomy, the aesthetic outcome of the breasts may be effected.

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Best options with explantation.

Thanks for your question.  It is neither right or wrong to remove the capsule at this point.  If you have a very thin capsule then it could be safely left in place with a drain and it should resolve with time.  If you have a thick capsule then it should be removed.  I would rely on the experience of your surgeon his/her inter-operative findings.

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Will a Capsulectomy Affect the Aesthetic Outcome? (photo)

Thank you for your question.  Judging from your before photos you did not have an IMF to begin with and that is probably why you ended up with the bottomed out situation.  It is impossible to predict what your breasts will look like after the explantation.  If your plastic surgeon feels comfortable doing the capsulectomy and capsulorrhaphy at the time of the explantation, that is fine, but prepare yourself for further corrective surgery if that does not work. 

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The biggest issue that you will have will be how the skin and soft tissue responds to the removal of the implants. It is hard to predict.

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Capsule Removal Has Little Affect

Thank you for your pictures. I do not believe that removing the capsule will affect your aesthetic outcome. The result of your outcomes was affected by placement of implants. The implants stretch out the skin. The healing and retraction of the skin after removal implants is unpredictable. Typically, it does in my experience work out well.

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