2 Days Post-Explant, and Bottom of Breast Dented. Permanent?

I explanted 2 days ago after having 350cc submuscular implants for 7.5 months. (I'm 25, no kids, no weight gain/loss.) I'm still bandaged, but I can tell that the bottoms of my breasts are dented, like all the breast tissue has been pushed upwards. My PS was unable to bring the muscle all the way back down either. Is this indentation permanent? Will I have deformed breasts forever or will my breast tissue migrate back down to the bottom of my breast where it belongs?

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2 Days Post-Explant, and Bottom of Breast Dented. Permanent?

Without photos it is hard to understand the appearance you are describing. What I can say is that days is not a good time to expect to have a final result. Please consider re-posting this question with photos, if possible from before and after surgery.

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