On Top of Rhinoplasty, What Are Other Surgeries That I Need in Order to Reach a More Appealing Look? (photo)

If i need to go in for a face to face consultation, i will. I know beauty is somewhat 'in the eye of the beholder', but i have always felt that there are alot of things anatomically wrong with my face. Im NOT trying to achieve 'model look', i just always felt very plain somehow. What other things am i missing, because i am saving up money but need to know what is of utmost importance and what characteristics are hurting my facial aesthetics. One area i have had major concern with was my eyes.

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You look perfectly normal and I would not advise cosmetic surgery to correct features which are not there.   If you have real questions the next step is to see a qualified plastic surgeon but open ended questions such as yours are difficult to answer and provide a challenge to any plastic surgeon.  

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