At least 7k for each Implant?

I find out that the Implant is usually about $2100, but the Bone grafting is always the wild card and usually ends up costing more than the implant and the crown Combined. I go to avery high quality Oral Surgeon who is a Diplomat, but every tooth ends up costing me about 7K Is it common for Bone grafting to always be required when the Tooth is Pulled and then again when the Implant is put in. one tooth takes about a Year

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NO, you can get a much better deal with the prices, and also you do not need bone grafting in each tooth , this can be done with different techniques, you can have great results, also depending on each case, but you can get also amazing prices in dental tourism, many patients form the states and canada are traveling to get dental work done.

Is bone grafting always necessary.

Each case is unique.  I send out most implants that need grafting but place the ones that don't need grafting. 

Ira Shapira, DDS
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Dental Implants & Bone Grafting

No. Bone grafting is definitely not always required. This technique is used when there is not enough bone to support the implant.  Furthermore, There needs to be an extreme bone lose to require a graft  after extraction and another one with the implant. A closer look to your case (including a CT scan and medical history) would be needed to give you an accurate treatment recomendation. Dental implants are not an inexpensive treatment, and there are health implications, so you should always do your research. My advice would be to get several other medical opinions/quotations, so that once you decide on a treatment/doctor, you will feel confident you are getting exactly what you need. Patient education is one of the main reasons why I joined RealSelf, so I would be more than happy to review your case in more detail and give you my profesional input in case you are interested.

Dental Implants

My most common situation is where I remove a tooth, place the implant and bone graft in the first surgical appointment. If I find that the existing original bone is not sufficient to stabilize the implant or to create a positive cosmetic result, then I will stage the procedure in 2 phases. One is the removal and bone graft, followed by the dental implant placement 3 to 4 months later. Every case is different. More phases than this would be indicated by your doctor based on your individual needs.

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Bone grafting

Since you are limiting your search to only oral surgeons, of course the estimate will be way more than average.  An alternative is to find a doctor, like me, who focuses on dental implants and does both implant surgery & restoration.  The fee should be noticeably lower.

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Cost of implants

It it not out of the realm of normal for an implant to cost 7k after all of the steps are taken. It is very common to bone graft at the extraction and again at implant placement. The fees for many procedures vary based on your market and the skill of the oral surgeon. Money spent up front to have the implant procedure done well will save you additional cost and frustration down the road. 

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