Swelling from septoplasty and turbinate reduction five days ago. (photos)

I had septoplasty and turbinate reduction done five days ago, and my nose still seems really swollen. I've also noticed, when changing the gauze under my nose, that the tip of my nose that used to turn downward, seems to be more straight across. I have my splints removed tomorrow. Will this help with the swelling and the change to the shape of the lower part of my nose? I'm not complaining about the change, just shocked by it.

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Swelling 5 days after surgery

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Hi there, swelling this early after surgery is normal even for a septoplasty and turbinate reduction (which has much less swelling than a rhinoplasty). I do think removing the stents will help with the swelling and will make you feel much better. Hang in there! Hope this helps

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