Can a breast lift/augmentation be redone for a larger size? (photos)

4 weeks ago and not satisfied! Didn't want a reduction! Requested a full C -cup, but shud have been a D - cup?? Can this procedure be redone in Office?

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Can I have a "redo" and get bigger implants and size?

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Thanks for the question!  

I'm sorry that you're not completely satisfied with your result; however, you did get a nice result although it's not the size you desired.  That is very important!  Now that you have a satisfactory outcome, re-operation to put in a bigger implant should be relatively easy!  In my opinion, you should wait a few months to see how the implants settle.  They will continue to change in this time, and ultimately, you may not want another surgery.  In my operating room, implant replacements are mostly done under general anesthesia but each PS is different.  I would advise discussing your options with your PS to figure out what is best for you.

Good luck!!

Breasat surgery can be re-done

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Revision, such as changing implant size, can be done.  These procedures tend to be less intensive than the original surgery, especially if it is something like changing implant size.  As others are suggesting, I counsel patients to wait a minimum of three months and preferably six months before undergoing this type of procedure.

Michael S. Hopkins, MD (retired)
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

Can a breast lift/augmentation be redone for a larger size?

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Yes, you can have your breast revised.  Please call for a consultation with your board certified plastic surgeon.

David B. Brothers, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Enlarge implants

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You can have your implants exchanged for larger implants, but you need to let your tissue heal first.  I would suggest waiting at least 3-4 months to let your breasts heal and assume their final shape before making this decision.  Please discuss your concerns with your surgeon.


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WHen your breasts have more fully healed and the shpe changes have stabilized ( 6-8 months), you should review your results with your surgeon. If you desire to go larger, it is simply a matter of changing then to a larger implant. I would discourage you from pushing the issue this early as there will fairly dramatic changes in your breasts over the coming months.

Going larger after aug/pexy

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Give your breasts at least 12 weeks to heal, and to take their new shape.  Once the breasts have healed well, you can upsize by changing the implants through a small incision.

Operating too early has several issues that are best avoided when possible.

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